A-Z Termination

CavoxNET is the largest Asian aggregator of international voice traffic. Our comprehensive product portfolio, state of the art IP-based infrastructure, and advanced back-office systems help Fixed Carriers, Mobile...

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Wholesale Voice

CavoxNET is a leading global provider of telecommunication services with its significant strategic stakes in Asia, Europe & America. We provide Wholesale VoIP termination services through our multiple direct...

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Retail Voice

CavoxNET provides customized services to enterprises of all sizes at exceptionally low rates. CavoxNET is known for offering tailor-made packages to companies with unique needs. If you are developing a mobile app...

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Soft Switch

CavoxNET is a leading provider of reliable, profitable, and intuitive global telecommunications solutions for Internet Telephony worldwide. Our innovative VoIP products and solutions are architected by a development team that has focused on...

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Cloud Services

CavoxNET enables you to a simpler and faster path to cloud. Customize the cloud solution by having an end to end portfolio, including hybrid & private clouds, cross platform infrastructure, heterogeneous management, and expert supervision....

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We provide a type of internet hosting where clients are able to lease an entire server which is not shared with anyone. It is a flexible approach as companies could have full control over everything, thus, they are able to choose their own...

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Software Development

CavoxNET has been helping clients innovate through all phases of the application lifecycle for more than five years. Our ample portfolio management services of...

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Contact Info

CavoxNET Global

R Poco dos Negros 193 1 ESQ, Lisbon, Portugal